Valentine 'in the dark' on Buchholz; says he's 'stable' in hospital

Valentine 'in the dark' on Buchholz; says he's 'stable' in hospital
June 26, 2012, 11:03 pm
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BOSTON As of Tuesday afternoon, Clay Buchholz remained hospitalized with internal bleeding. Manager Bobby Valentine was waiting to get a return text from the right-hander with an update of his health status.

Clay is stable, Valentine said. Hes stable. I think thats good news. Hes still in the hospital.

When asked the cause of Buchholzs health problems, Valentine replied:

Im not sure that Im going to ever know that, Valentine said. It seems like its a personal situation. Or maybe I will. So the answers no for right now. But its not like a need-to-know situation because its not a baseball-related situation.

Valentine did acknowledge, though, that it is tough to get a handle on Buchholzs situation.

I agree. Just giving the information that I have to pass on. Hes feeling better and hes stable.

Its a personal situation. Im a little in the dark. Its been explained to me and its technical stuff so for me to try to reiterate doctor-ese, its not the way I feel comfortable obviously. Its medical stuff. He has a medical situation thats being taken care