The Time of Papi

The Time of Papi
April 11, 2012, 9:05 pm
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In case you couldn't tell from the violent screams shooting out of John Henry's yacht, the Red Sox lost again today.

Once again, they went down fighting which is nice. But the problem, as usual, is that it took them eight innings to start fighting.

Anyway, if you missed the latest comeback attempt, the Sox went into the ninth down 3-1. Jacoby Ellsbury kicked things off with a walk. Dustin Pedroia followed that with a walk. So that made it runners on first and second, with nobody out, for Adrian Gonzalez.

And wouldn't you know? Gonzalez came up HUGE with a sac fly.

(I know that he's been solid, but I'm still waiting for Gonzalez to come through in one of these situations. On one hand, it's hard to get too angry, because even when Gonzalez falls on his face, he finds a way to be useful. Worst-case scenario, it's a sacrifice fly. But the bottom line is that this team is dying for something to get excited about, and since Opening Day, Gonzalez has had a few real opportunities to make it happen. So far, it's sac flies.)

OK, so now it was runners on second and third, with one out, and the Blue Jays brought in their closer Sergio Santos (who blew the save on Monday) to face the artist formerly known as Kevin Youkilis. Believe it or not, Youk struck out.

So now, with two outs, and the tying run on second base, the entire game now rested on the shoulders of David Ortiz.

Papi stepped plate, set his feet, calked his bat and was ready to roll

Quick question: Remember when this felt automatic?

Remember when there was no more confident moment in all of Boston sports than watching David Ortiz take the plate in the ninth inning of a close game? T

There's no one on this team who can even come close to inspiring that kind of confidence. Not Pedroia, not Ellsbury, not Shoppach and sadly, not even Big Papi himself.

He grounded out to short.

The Sox are 1-5.

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