Thomas shaken after beaning Parmelee


Thomas shaken after beaning Parmelee

MINNEAPOLIS -- It's every pitcher's worst nightmare: Hitting a batter in the head.

And Wednesday night in the sixth inning at Target Field, Justin Thomas lived it.

With runners at second and third, a pitch got away from the Red Sox lefty and appeared to hit the brim on the front of Chris Parmelee's helmet.

Parmelee went sprawing in the dirt and lay motionless for a while. After a few minutes, attended by the Minnesota training staff, he sat up and walked off the field under his own power, replaced at first by a pinch-runner.

"It was tough,'' said Thomas after the Red Sox' 7-6 win. "It was obviously not my intention. I was throwing a fastball in, busting him in, and it ran off and up on him.

"It was scary. I was just glad to see at the end of the game, that he was back in the dugout. We were watching in here, he seemed to be doing all right. I sent a message over that I hoped he was doing all right.''

Thomas said when the pitch struck Parmelee, it "just sounded loud. I know it got him flush in the helmet, which is probably better, so it made a loud sound. I hope he's doing all right, and he'll be all right and won't miss any time.''

Manager Bobby Valentine said Thomas was understandbly unnerved by the beaning.

"He was a little shaken,'' said Valentine. "We told him that it looked like Parmelee was okay and that we were going to call over and make sure after the game."