Tanguay: Youkilis more valuable elsewhere

Tanguay: Youkilis more valuable elsewhere
May 25, 2012, 12:44 am
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Gary Tanguay looked at the state of the Red Sox on Sports Tonight Wednesday.
Tanguay was frank in his feelings about Kevin Youkilis and his role with the team.
"You gotta trade Youk. You have to trade Youk."
He believes that the positional logjam will hang over the Red Sox until Youkilis is moved.
"Here's the deal: he's more valuable elsewhere because as long as he's around, this thing is gonna be hovering over the diamond, on how do we get Youk in, where does Middlebrooks play, and does Gonzalez go to right field? It's insane. He's gotta move on. And when he does move on, Youk is still gonna play, he's probably gonna be a first baseman for another team."