Tanguay: Red Sox made Buchholz look bad

Tanguay: Red Sox made Buchholz look bad
July 23, 2013, 12:00 am
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The mystery around when exactly Clay Buchholz will return to the mound continues.

Apparently not satisfied with the Red Sox team medical staff's assertion that risk of further injury was not an issue, Buchholz took a trip to Florida to meet up with Dr. James Andrews to get a second opinion. The renowned specialist, well-known for his surgical precision, confirmed what the team doctors had to say, telling Buchholz that resuming his profession would not cause any damage.

All of this has Boston fans and media alike a bit perplexed as to Buchholz's decision-making throughout this process.

The crew on Uno Sports Tonight was no different. Consisting of Gary Tanguay, Michael Felger and Chris Gasper, the trio hit on that topic and did so with gusto.

Tanguay noted that the team has not put Buchholz in a good position from a public relations standpoint.

"I think they did make him look bad," Tanguay said. "Farrell says this is on him now, he's got to pitch through it. Basically they're telling him to take off the dress and get to it."

To an extent this may be true, but as Gasper pointed out, Buchholz is doing a fine job digging his own hole.

"The most damning thing out there is the thing he said at the All-Star Game. He said 'If this were September, I'd be pitching,' I mean that says it all. You don't need Dr. James Andrews to look at him to say that. He's saying, 'I could pitch through this if it were September,' and that's where he put himself in a really bad situation and where people start to question the toughness."

Buchholz's absence has overall been quite protracted, but it's at least provided some nice entertainment in the dog days of summer.