Tanguay: Farrell-to-Sox may happen

Tanguay: Farrell-to-Sox may happen
October 25, 2011, 1:15 pm
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Based on what's being said -- and what's not being said -- Gary Tanguay believes we may very well see John Farrell managing the Red Sox next year.

"They're saying all the right things," Tanguay said Monday on 'Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight'. "Toronto seems to have a very lax policy; if their employees want to go elsewhere, that's fine . . . Farrell's saying all the right things, 'I'm just focusing on the Blue Jays'."

Nowhere is anyone saying that Farrell's definitely staying in Toronto, or the Red Sox definitely aren't interested in him.

"I think this has a shot at happening," said Tanguay.

And he thinks Farrell should jump at the chance.

"If you're a competitor like John Farrell, do you want to just be mediocre?" he asked rhetorically, referring to the Blue Jays' lack of resources to compete in the A.L. East. "Do you just always want to be someplace that's comfortable? Or do you want to go with a franchise that -- even next season, people, next season -- has a chance to win the World Series? At the end of the day, that's why you do this."