Surprise, Surprise: Clemens not guilty


Surprise, Surprise: Clemens not guilty

There's sure to be a ton of outrage over the news that former PawSox pitcher Roger Clemens has been acquitted on all charges that he lied to Congress.

Not only because we all believe that Clemens is guilty, or that the government wasted all sorts of money on the botched trial and investigation. But because Clemens knew exactly what he was doing. That the result of his trial further proves that guys like Clemens super rich, super famous not only believe that they're above the law, but that in many case, they are. And that sucks.

But as outraged as we all are that Clemens walked, I'm not sure how anyone's surprised. It's like boxing fans who are still shocked every time a major fight ends in controversy. As if the most recent sketchy fight is the first one in history. Clemens got off? Of course he got off. They all get off! There was never any doubt.

But I'll say this: At least he didn't kill anyone. At least he didn't hurt anyone but himself. At least what he was lying about is something that a large number of players were doing at the very same time. It may seem like I'm making excuses, but I'm not. I'm just saying that there are worst travesties in the world than Roger Clemens getting off on charges that he lied to Congress about taking steroids to play baseball. I understand the principle of the whole thing, but in the big picture, there are far more important stories for instance, the trial currently going on up in Pennsylvania.

So as angry as I am that Clemens is free, at the end of the day, I'll take a little solace in the fact that he had to spend a ton of money defending himself and had to forfeit a lot of time and energy fighting this battle. That even though he's free, no one believes that he's innocent and he'll still never make the Hall of Fame. That suddenly, Clemens closesly resembles a bloated mix of Lloyd Christmas and Tom Sizemore in Striking Distance.

It's not much, but it will have to do for now.

In the meantime, the comeback watch begins. Word has it that Clemens has told the Yankees that he can be ready by August.

He's just waiting on a shipment of B-12.

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Quotes, notes and stars: Buchholz in 'attack mode'


Quotes, notes and stars: Buchholz in 'attack mode'

CHICAGO -- Quotes, notes and stars from the Red Sox' 5-2 win over the White Sox:



"I think the most encouraging thing was after a couple of hard-hit balls early on, he was still in attack mode.'' - John Farrell on Clay Buchholz.

"The biggest thing centers around his fastball. First inning, he might have been up a little bit. But after that, he was down in the zone and the curveball was a good compliment to that.'' - Farrell.

"Man, I tell you what -- he does it in such big moments.'' - Farrell on David Ortiz.

"If you could paint a picture, I think tonight would be just about what everybody would want to do.'' - Buchholz on his outing.

"I think everybody would be lying if they said they didn't see your numbers; you see them every day. (Being) 0-3 with a six-something (ERA) is obviously not where you want to be.'' - Buchholz.

"Hopefully, this is the start of something good coming out of him.'' - Ortiz on Buchholz.

"You feel like the luckiest man on planet earth - finally hitting the ball where no one's at!'' - Ortiz on beating the shift with a single through the shortstop hole in the seventh



* When the Red Sox homer, they're 11-6.

* Clay Buchholz's win was his first since last July 10.

* Jackie Bradley Jr. extended his hitting streak to 10 games.

* Mookie Betts has scored at least one run in 10 of his last 14 games.

* David Ortiz is now one homer from tying Carl Yastrzemski for second-most homers in franchise history at 452.

* Ortiz tied Gary Sheffield for 25th place all-time in homers with 509.



1) Clay Buchholz

After five straight poor outings, Buchholz turned in a gem, giving up two runs in the first, then nothing else for the next six innings.

2) David Ortiz

As he so often does, Ortiz delivered when the Red Sox needed him most, clocking a two-run homer in the fifth to turn a one-run deficit into a two-run lead.

3) Jose Abreu

The White Sox slugger belted a two-run homer in the first to give him five RBI in the two games in this series.