'Sports Tonight Roulette'- If Sox miss Playoffs it's because of ____

'Sports Tonight Roulette'- If Sox miss Playoffs it's because of ____
August 6, 2013, 11:30 pm
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Michael Felger, Gary Tanguay and Rob Hardy play "Sports Tonight Roulette" on "UNO Sports Tonight," playing a variety of fill-in-the-blank, over-under, odd-making and take-your-pick.

The big one: what needs to happen for the Red Sox to miss out on a playoff spot? They own the best record in the American League and the team that has the league's sixth-best record, the Cleveland Indians, trail Boston by 5.5 games.

"They'll have to collapse and do something stupid," Felger said, "because otherwise, it should be an automatic that they're in."

Tanguay said Clay Buchholz's health would be the concern. Buchholz was one of the premier pitchers in the Red Sox rotation before sustaining an injury, and he could be the X-factor to lead the team into the World Series.

"To me," Tanguay said, "if Buchholz doesn't pitch, that would be the reason."

The three set odds for Tiger Woods' chances at winning the PGA Championship and debated on which person suffered a more unfortunate fate: the bowler who missed out on a perfect game because the pinsetter incorrectly pressed a button or the kid on Jeopardy who misspelled "emancipation proclamation" by one letter and did not earn a prize.

They also all said that Tom Brady would throw more than 24.5 touchdown passes this year even with a depleted group of wide receivers.

"It's still gonna be a passing team in a passing league," Felger said.