Speier: Hard to make case for length of A-Rod suspension

Speier: Hard to make case for length of A-Rod suspension
August 6, 2013, 10:15 am
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Major League Baseball finally laid the long-awaited hammer down on Alex Rodriguez when they suspended him through the 2014 season on Monday.

Rodriguez has the right to appeal his suspension, which he is expected to do, and Alex Speier explained why he's understanding of A-Rod's decision to appeal when he joined UNO Sports Tonight Monday night. 

"I do think, to my mind, as an outsider, not having the weight of evidence in front of me, it is difficult to make the case for this degree of suspension," Speier said. "It's unprecedented against A-Rod simply because in the joint drug agreement they agreed upon, there's no precedent that a guy who has never been busted before could receive this kind of hammer."

Many around baseball have expressed distaste towards the longevity of Rodriguez's suspension simply because they believe it does the Yankees a favor. Speier doesn't see that as the case, however. He believes that the league just wanted to make a statement.

"I think Major League Baseball wanted to make a statement, and they picked probably the most hated guy in the sport, not only by fans but also by fellow players and probably figured 'Easy mark, let's make the statement,'" Speier said.