Sox: We're working to keep Ortiz

Sox: We're working to keep Ortiz
November 12, 2011, 2:58 pm
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BOSTON -- Unlike their hands-off approach to Jonathan Papelbon, the Red Sox are engaged -- very engaged -- in attempts to retain their high-profile free agent, David Ortiz.

"David knows that we want him to be here, we want him to be back with the Red Sox, we want him in our lineup, and weve had a lot of dialogue to see if theres a way to do that," said general manager Ben Cherington. "I think that will continue.

The problem: Ortiz and his representatives have one view of Ortiz' non-Boston options, and the Sox have another. Ortiz no doubt feels he can command a solid offer on the free-agent market, while the team feels that because of his age, the salary he's seeking and his lack of a defensive position, his potential suitors are limited to big-market American League teams in need of a DH.

There's "a little bit more of a defined market" for Ortiz, said Cherington, which made it easier to begin negotiations sooner.

As to whether or not the team has made an offer to Ortiz, Cherington said: Id prefer not to comment on offers."