Sox may turn Bard into a starter


Sox may turn Bard into a starter

Apparently, there's more to this Daniel Bard-to-the-starting-rotation talk than mere speculation.

Speaking Saturday at the 'Christmas at Fenway' festivities, manager Bobby Valentine said he told Bard to "prepare to be a starter and if that, in fact, does not happen, to be ready and willing to be our closer."

"Daniel, as we would hope he would say, said, 'Hey, whatevers best for the team,' " Valentine said.

According to Valentine, the Sox will stretch Bard out in spring training as they do their starting pitchers, then will make a decision three or four weeks into camp as to how they'll use him.

Hes going to be penciled in to be one of those guys who works going from his bullpen to pitching two innings to pitching four innings to pitching six innings," said Valentine. "Whenever we get to that plateau, with the pitching coach Ill hopefully have by my side soon, and all the members of the staff and front office, well have to make a determination after that 18- to 20-inning mark as to where he will be during the season."