Sox hoping for the 'Wright' stuff this weekend

Sox hoping for the 'Wright' stuff this weekend
February 22, 2013, 2:30 pm
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FORT MYERS, Fla -- Knuckleballer Steven Wright will pitch an inning of relief Saturday, then get a two-inning start against Toronto on Monday.
"He's got some late, hard action to (the pitch)," said Farrell. "It's hard to compare a knuckleballer to another knuckleballer because they're still so very different. He's going to be very different than Wake (Tim Wakefield) was, he's different than R.A. Dickey. But that uniqueness, to me, has a place in this game."
Farrell worked with Wakefield for four seasons as pitching coach and even though they're different, Farrell can apply some of what he learned to Wright.
"The one thing that is the common link is that there are a couple of checkpoints that (all knuckleballers) rely on to solidify," said Farrell. "That's their wrist position and the feeling of the wrist as they execute the pitch. There are some commonalities to it, but again, they're all individuals and you have to work within that."
Wright throws his knuckleball harder than Wakefield did. Farrell was asked if that made it any easier for catchers to catch.
"Not from I've seen out there," cracked Farrell. "I don't think his throwing partners come out willingly every day."

  • The plan calls for Mike Napoli to run the bases Sunday, with an eye toward getting into games at the end of the week...Mike Carp got on the field after taking his physical. He'll get some at-bats in a simulated game with Clay Buchholz and Franklin Morales throwing. Carp will get some playing time at first and the outfield.