Sox Executive VP Kennedy on game times

Sox Executive VP Kennedy on game times
October 2, 2013, 11:00 am
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The Red Sox have a couple of strange game times for their first two games: 3:07 on Friday, and 5:37 on Saturday.

But before those games take place, they're busy getting ready for them.

Red Sox Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Sam Kennedy joined the panel on The Baseball Show to let fans know what the team is doing leading up to Friday's game.

"Well as you know we have a little bit of a break here, and John Farrell and Torey Lovullo and the staff are trying to do everything they can to try to simulate what we're going to face here on Friday and Saturday with the timing," Kennedy said. "So we have these workouts here tomorrow we've got one I think it starts around 1:00 but there will be a simulated game at exactly 3:07 to sort of re-create the conditions that we'll see Friday afternoon. And then another workout Thursday. We kick things off Friday afternoon at 3:07 at Fenway and we all with Friday would just arrive. We're ready to roll."

Lou Merloni doesn't understand timing of the games, and thinks there's a little disrespect by not putting either of the games in prime time.

Sean McAdam asked Kennedy if the Sox have any input on game times and how the fan reaction has been about it.

"Interestingly -  I'll take the second half of the question first - the fan reaction have been very interesting," Kennedy said. "There actually hasn't been a lot of negative reaction that we received today at the ticket office or in the front office or in the forum of phone calls or emails, or people showing up Yawkey Way. And I'm sort of scratching my head on that one a little bit because it is three o'clock in the afternoon. The only thing I can point to is the Friday factor. Friday afternoon in Boston at Fenway Park, I think perhaps it's a little bit easier for people to get away from work. As I mentioned, kids are able to go  after school. It's a little bit earlier, people will go out to dinner afterwards in town or what have you."

Kennedy went on to say the MLB teams have zero input on when they'll play the games.