Sox' Bradley Jr. says racism 'shouldn't still be alive'

Sox' Bradley Jr. says racism 'shouldn't still be alive'
April 30, 2014, 12:15 pm
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BOSTON - What's going on in Los Angeles with the Clippers isn't just affecting their organization or the National Basketball Association.

People from all over the country - and the world - are taking notice and taking a stand against Donald Sterling and racism.

It's much bigger than basketball, that's for sure.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver hit Sterling with a $2.5 million fine, but more importantly a lifetime ban with the intention to force him to sell the Clippers.

Red Sox outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr., who is African American, knows how important that moment was. The message sent by Silver was clear: There's no room for racism in the NBA - or anywhere else for that matter.

"It's definitely frowned upon obviously by the commissioner's statement and the penalty," Bradley said. "I feel like [racism] is something that shouldn't be still alive. We're all working to the same goal trying to be the best that we can. I think racism- I'm not saying that [Sterling's] racist, I don't know if he is or not. I don't know about all the past things, I've only heard certain things, but it's not a good cause. I hope everything works its way out."

Bradley noted how the NBA teams and their fans banded together to show support for one another and show that racism and hatred would not overcome.

"They're becoming as one," Bradley said of the NBA. "And I think that was the commissioner's first big move, was to make an example. It's 2014; it shouldn't still be alive. It's just a negative light. As someone who is a high-ranking official (Sterling), it's supposed to be a lot more positive reinforcement involved."

Mike Napoli shared Bradley's sentiment that racism just can't be tolerated in this day and age.

"It's crazy that people are still like that and say things like that," Napoli said. "It's unfortunate."