Source: Theo should have acted sooner

Source: Theo should have acted sooner
October 28, 2011, 12:07 pm
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BOSTON -- While Larry Lucchino's hands-on style may have driven Theo Epstein out of Boston, one source within the Red Sox organization thinks Lucchino may have been too hands-off during the team's September collapse.

Lucchino, he felt, "should have asked more questions" as the team plummeted through the standings in September, especially in light of revelations of clubhouse drinking and the problems of manager Terry Francona.

"Theo saw the clubhouse, saw the manager floundering, yet nothing was done until it was too late," said the source. "What is that all about? One minute Theo was micromanaging everything - including Francona - but to let that go? To let his clubhouse come to that? Why? I'll never understand it."

Those in the know say Lucchino will learn from the experience and won't let that sort of scenario play out again. The divide between himself and the Baseball Operations department will probably be reduced, or altogether done away with, under general manager Ben Cherington.