Shaughnessy: Red Sox will win World Series

Shaughnessy: Red Sox will win World Series
October 30, 2013, 2:15 am
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It's been a complete team effort to be where the Red Sox are now: one win away from winning the World Series.

Plenty of players have stepped up throughout the season. But one player, John Lackey, has done a 180-degree turn from season's past. 

Joe Haggerty, Mike Felger, and Dan Shaughnessy discuss Lackey and the Sox on Sports Tonight. Has Lackey done enough to earn back the respect, or does he need to win Wednesday? Shaughnessy says he's already done enough.

"He's established it," Shaughnessy said. "He beat Justin Verlander 1-0 in an ALCS game in Detroit. That's established. He has redeemed himself in the eyes of everyone. He comes in in relief in a game they have to have, the must-game in St. Louis. He's in the clear."

But if the Red Sox do lose Game 6, it will get very interesting for Game 7 with Jake Peavy and perhaps Felix Doubront and whoever else is healthy enough to go. 

The conversation shifts to whether or not Doubront should pitch in Game 6, and how much. And how much Clay Buchholz could be available if there is a Game 7.

Regardless of how, Shaughnessy thinks the Red Sox will win.

"I think they're going to win. They're going to win the World Series," he said. "I've been wrong about them all year, so watch out for that pick."