Shaughnessy: Buchholz walking Green Mile

Shaughnessy: Buchholz walking Green Mile
October 27, 2013, 9:45 pm
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Clay Buchholz did make his Game 4 start in the World Series, but for the past week, there were questions whether Buchholz would even pitch.

Dan Shaughnessy joined Michael Felger on Sports Sunday to discuss the uncertainty that surrounds Buccholz.

“If you went by body language or verbal language, or just how he presents, he looks like a guy going to the electric chair,” Shaughnessy said. “Hopefully, he will be a different guy than the way he sounds.”

Shaughnessy also talked about John Farrell’s coaching decisions that have loomed over the Game 3 loss.

“The big one that I think is going to go down in history is the no double switch,” Shaughnessy said “Letting [Brandon] Workman make his first professional at bat of his life in the World Series and not using [Mike] Napoli. There guy used all of his bullets on the bench, the guy on the Sox side did not do it. That hurts in a game like that.”