Shane Victorino day-to-day with hamstring injury

Shane Victorino day-to-day with hamstring injury
May 21, 2013, 11:45 pm
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CHICAGO – Right fielder Shane Victorino was not in the starting lineup Tuesday, after leaving Monday’s game against the White Sox in the sixth inning with tightness in his left hamstring.
“He’s day to day,” said manager John Farrell before Tuesday's game. “He still feels some tightness in that left hamstring. And we’ll keep him in that same status. We’ve got to have him respond to treatment. We’ve got to be sure that he’s symptom-free when we do put him back on the field. Right now, we still think that this is a short-term thing. But we’ve got to let this continue to subside.”
Victorino left Monday's game in the bottom of the sixth inning.  In the top of the sixth, with two outs, he reached base, beating out groundball to the third base side of the mound. On Dustin Pedroia’s fly ball to center field, Victorino raced around the bases, in case the ball fell in for a hit. Instead, Alejandro De Aza reeled it in to end the inning.
Victorino went out to right for the bottom of the inning, but he was very quickly followed by manager John Farrell and a trainer. Before the inning began, Victorino walked off, slowly and very gingerly.
Victorino was in the clubhouse but did not talk to reporters before Tuesday’s game. The Red Sox are hopeful he can avoid a stint on the disabled list, something he has been able to do so far this season, despite assorted ailments.
Victorino missed seven games from April 25 - May 2 with a lower back strain. He left Thursday’s game in the top of the ninth and missed the next two games with a sore back after crashing into outfield walls a couple of times last week.
He has not had an issue before with his left hamstring before, he said Monday night. But in 2011 he was on the disabled list from May 20 – June 2 with a right hamstring strain. The Sox would consider a potential DL stint if Victorino were out for a week or more.
“I think the approach we’ve always taken is that when you get past that halfway point of what a 15-day DL situation would be,” Farrell said. “We’re hopeful it wouldn’t be that long, but again, we’ll continue to provide the treatment, get Shane’s feedback along the way. Hopefully, he’s back to us in short order.”
But, there is the potential they could be playing short-handed until a DL determination is made.
“I can’t say that we’ve eliminated that thought,” Farrell said. “But we’re not any closer than we were last night to make a roster move at this point.”
The Sox are not certain if the hamstring issue is related to Victorino’s back problems.
“Based on the reports that we have here, I don’t know that I’ve got the medical background to say that it’s independent of one another,  But when you start to consider low back, and hamstring, at some point there inter-related,” Farrell said. “So we’ve got to treat the symptoms.”
“He’s undergone [additional tests on his back], not for the hamstring issue that cropped up last night, but previously he has. And then when the symptoms subside and he’s back on the field and he’s playing,  you consider that those are under control. But last night going first to third is when he felt it cramping again. So we’re dealing with those symptoms.”