Ryan: Lester is 'most important person' on Sox

Ryan: Lester is 'most important person' on Sox
March 18, 2013, 12:30 am
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The Red Sox may not be the power-hitting team that they've been in past years, but if the pitching staff pitches in the regular season like they have been in spring training, they won't need much hitting.

The Sox starting pitchers have been great, and ace Jon Lester is leading the way after a rough 2011 season.

Dan Shaughnessy and Bob Ryan were in studio with Damon Amendolara on Sports Sunday to discuss Lester's hopeful re-emergence.

"We gotta cut him some slack," Shaughnessy said. "He had a bad year last year, 9-14, coming off a bad month in 2011, but everything prior to that is a power left-hander. We love this guy, you're going to need him, and what you're seeing - his attitude seems better, everything seems better with him."

Lester is important to the Sox success, but just how important?

"He's the most important person on that team," Ryan said.
"It has to start with him. Let's go back to 2011, you can talk about all the stuff you ant to talk about. It was the collapse of Beckett and Lester, it was their inability to win games that they had to win. Time after time, after time, that stop-the-bleeding game they could not win. He was a disaster that year. Having John Farrell back obviously is having great benefit. He looks like his old self so far."

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