Ryan: Have 'eye in the sky' make replay challenge call

Ryan: Have 'eye in the sky' make replay challenge call
April 1, 2014, 11:30 pm
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A wider-scooped instant replay system has made its way to Major League Baseball - whether you like it or not.

Is this the end of epic manager-umpire arguments on the field? It could.

Bob Ryan, Chris Gasper, and Gary Tanguay discuss the changes to the game that will come due to this.

"I think it's interesting," Gasper said. "I think it changes the dynamic of these arguments. They're not really arguments anymore. It's filibustering to bide time for your bench coach and your video guy. Also if you're the umpire and the guy is spitting all over him, aren't you just going to say, 'Hey, are you going to challenge this or what? Because I'm sick of you spitting all over me for two minutes.'"

Tanguay says teams will use "stall ball" and that it's a waste of time that the head ref has to make the final call, instead of going to the "eye in the sky" for the call like they do in the NHL.

Ryan agrees with Tanguay: "If you're going to have the eye in the sky, have the eye in the sky make the call. That's it. Period."