Ri Gov. seeking investigation at 38 Studios


Ri Gov. seeking investigation at 38 Studios

The Sports Tonight crew explores Curt Schilling's failures as a businessman... and that's the nice stuff they say.

"As great a pitcher as he was, he's an abomination as a business," said Joe Haggerty.

Kirk Minihane goes even further:

"Schilling at the end of the day is a giant, enormous 320 pound hypocrite. There's no way around it. Mr. Small Government, Mr. Stay Out Of My Way, Let Me Be The Guy. Then he goes, takes 75 million from the State of Rhode Island. Then he gets on his hands and knees last week, begs for more. And when they say no, what does he do, shuts down operations. 400 people out of work. State of RI 112 million. And guess what, who's paying for the unemployment? State of Rhode Island."


Curt Schilling may have thought his Red Sox heroics had earned him a free pass in New England, but he's probably gone and done the one thing that could bring more vitriol than anything else.

How long before people start throwing bloody socks his way?