Revisiting 'chicken and beer' season for Sox

Revisiting 'chicken and beer' season for Sox
October 1, 2013, 2:30 am
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We all remember how the 2011 ended miserably.

And we all remember how the 2012 season started and ended miserably.

But did those two seasons directly lead to this year's fun run to the postseason?

The guys on Sports Tonight discuss if "chicken and beer" lead to "bearded bandits".

"It totally lead to everything, are you kidding me?" Mike Felger said. "The reason that they fell apart in September is because they were out of shape. They stopped putting in the work. So that's what the chicken and beer is about. It's about a team that lost its way, and so what happens: Terry Francona loses his job, here comes [Bobby] Valentine, ownership takes over, they hire Valentine, they hit rock bottom, and the rock bottom allowed them to make that Dodgers trade, and that's how we are where we are."

Gary Tanguay disagrees with Felger, blaming ownership for not having the back of Francona when he needed them to.

"I think what happened is that ownership never liked Francona. I think John Henry and Larry Lucchino - or probably John Henry, and Larry just followed the orders because that's what he does as any good soldier would - John Henry nee liked Terry Francona, and as he said in Dan's book, Tito said, you know something, Larry never liked him either. If they had supported the manager, if they had given the manager the support he deserved, and got rid of the bums, and cleaned house and kept this guy, the team would have been successful last year, and successful this year. The Indians are not that good."

Dan Shaughnessy agrees in part with both of them, and having written the book on Francona, is a pretty good source of information on the subject.