Report: Beckett to see hand specialist in Cleveland, too

Report: Beckett to see hand specialist in Cleveland, too
April 3, 2012, 11:55 am
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The case of Josh Beckett's thumb injury took a curious -- and ominous -- turn Tuesday morning, when Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported that the Red Sox right-hander will join teammate Andrew Bailey in Cleveland on Tuesday to be examined by hand specialist Dr. Robert Graham.
The Red Sox had little comment on Bailey's status Monday, lending credence to reports that the closer's thumb injury is serious enough that it may require surgery. But they went out of their way to say that Beckett's thumb problem didn't appear to be as big a problem and that they expected him to make his scheduled start Saturday in Detroit. Beckett's trip to San Antonio to be examined by a hand doctor, they said, was more for Beckett's "peace of mind" than anything else.
Beckett himself said in a text to's Rob Bradford that he was fine and that he would pitch Saturday in Detroit.
Rosenthal's report, however, throws everything into question, even though he quoted sources as saying this trip, too, was for Beckett's "peace of mind" and that they still expect him to pitch Saturday.