Red Sox shut down Ortiz for 5-7 days

Red Sox shut down Ortiz for 5-7 days
March 10, 2013, 5:15 pm
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PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- The MRI performed on David Ortiz Sunday revealed inflammation in both heels, leading the Red Sox to shut down the veteran slugger for a period of five-to-seven days and putting Ortiz's availability for the start of the season in serious jeopardy.
"(The tests) reveal some inflammation in the bony area," said John Farrell after the Red Sox' 6-2 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays. "So he's dealing with that. That's where his discomfort is being felt. As a result of that, we're going to shut him down for a few days here to let that quiet down completely before we initiate any baseball activities after that."
Farrell stressed that the soreness is "separate from any kind of previous issues that he dealt with," when Ortiz strained his right Achilles tendon last July.
"It's in the bone-tendon juncture," said Farrell, "where he's feeling the inflammation and the MRI shows it in that specific area . . . I can't say that we're completely surprised (by the issue). Once baseball activities got ramped up, the intensity increases, we felt like there was going to be some physical affects that will have to be dealt with.
"The bigger picture is, he's improved (since July) and progress continues to be made. Yet we're at a little bump of the road here."
Ortiz is expected to be given anti-inflammatory medication for treatment.
"Compared to where he was (last July)," said Farrell, "there's progress being made. There's no question about that. Yet, he's dealing with an issue that we've got to give it time to clear up."
Despite the complications and the fact that Ortiz had yet to get into a game this spring, the Sox had been steadfast, until Sunday, that Ortiz couldn't automatically be ruled out of the season opener. But that tone seemed to change Sunday in the wake of the results.
"I mean, we're three weeks away," said Farrell. "He's going to need at-bats (once he's cleared to return to activity). We're not forgoing Opening Day right now, but we're starting to get into an area (where it's in doubt). Depending on how many days we need to shut him down, that's going to have a direct bearing (on his readiness for) Opening Day."
Before the results were known, Farrell spoke with Ortiz Sunday morning before the manager took a squad here to face Tampa Bay.
"The frustration's still there," said Farrell of the slugger, "and I think (there will be) until we get a definitive plan which will take into account the findings -- or lack thereof -- of the MRI and set out a plan going forward. (But) as long as David is fully aware of everything that's going on and what he's experiencing and feeling and there's no risk of additional damage, because this is generalized in the heels and that has a chance to focus some of the work and answer some of those questions."