Red Sox show '2013 spirit' with walk-off win

Red Sox show '2013 spirit' with walk-off win
April 21, 2014, 1:00 am
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BOSTON -- With Red Sox players mobbing each other on the field as "Dirty Water" blared over Fenway Park's raucous crowd, it felt for some like deja vu.

"Typical Red Sox, Fenway Park fashion," Mike Carp called it.

The 6-5 win over the Orioles was Boston's first walk-off win of the season. In the team's World Series winning season of 2013, it had 11.

The start of this season has proven to have a much different feel than really any time last year. The Sox have been at the bottom of the standings in the AL East and even after Sunday's win have a record of 9-10 after having never sunk below .500 last season.

They've had two three-game losing streaks in 2014 already when they only had five all of last season.

But Sunday showed that this version of the Red Sox still has some of that late-game mojo.

"I think," said Sunday's starter Jake Peavy, "you certainly saw that 2013 spirit still exist in the boys with the way we scratched and clawed tonight."

Jonny Gomes, one of the consistent faces in replays of last season's late-game heroics, hit a three-run home run to make the score 5-3 and get the Sox back in the game in the sixth inning.

He said the team still has the pieces to be successful in the clutch.

"I don't think that's gonna change too much with the roll over," he said. "Some new guys and obviously a new year. But it's kind of the theme over here and the way to play over here. We're not gonna give up until the last out."

The Red Sox struggled out of the gate but have won three of their last four -- their first such stretch this season.

"Starting to settle in," Dustin Pedroia said. "It was kind of hectic that first week. Gotta take some. It took us a little bit to get into our routine, get into our rhythm, our approach, everything. Hopefully we settle in and play better baseball.

"Guys just need to settle down. It's a long year. Sometimes you go up there early in the year and look up at the scoreboard and see numbers you're not accustomed to seeing, so you try a little bit harder. Sometimes it's good just to step back and relax. Have a quality at bat. Hit the ball hard and get out, that's all you can do. Guys have been doing that."

Carp said he hoped that a win like Sunday's could get the team headed in the right direction.

"Looking for something to jump start us," he said. "Obviously we're not in the position we want to be at this point. We're not clicking on all cylinders, but any little thing can get a team hot. Hopefully this is one of them."