Red Sox react to Friday night

Red Sox react to Friday night
April 20, 2013, 12:30 pm
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BOSTON – The day after. At the end of a week that has been one of the most tragic in Boston’s history, the Red Sox were looking forward to playing baseball. And hopefully offering the city a bit of normalcy. A way of thinking about something other than the events that have kept the region on edge for the past week.
“I think when you look back to what transpired at the Garden the other night between the Sabres and the Bruins that was one example,” said manager John Farrell. “Hopefully today we’re able to provide another opportunity for everyone in this city to come together and to show that sing of strength and to demonstrate on our part maybe a spirit of not letting things get in our way even though we can’t replace or take away the events that have happened. At the same time show that strength in our uniform here today.”
The players, like everyone else in the area, was in virtual lockdown, advised by law enforcement to stay indoors while a massive manhunt for the remaining terrorist suspect took place.
“It’s something I’ve never been a part of, obviously,” said Jonny Gomes. “Never been in a lockdown. Truly an emotional roller coaster as far as the emotions of the people in Boston, the bombs going off, the deaths, the injuries, and then capturing the two guys a couple of days later. So a true emotional roller coaster.
“It’s a tear jerker when you got an 8-year old boy and a police officer, all these peoples’ lives. But then to celebrate the capture of these two guys. It says a lot about the police force and everyone involved. I don’t know how to really explain it, just a true emotional rollercoaster.”
Now they just hope they can part of the healing.
“We take a lot of responsibility,” said Will Middlebrooks. “We know how big a deal baseball is here. We know how passionate everyone is about it and we’re just happy to get back out there and help the city heal.”
“I truly don’t think a win-loss is what we’re looking for today,” said Jonny Gomes. “I just think the fact of us taking the field, filling the seats with people. It’s hard. You want to move forward but you don’t. At the same time you want to remember these people. You do want to be saddened for a second and celebrate their lives. But at the same time I guess the American way is we got to keep chugging and not let that act slow us down. Btu at the same time we do have to take a deep breath and acknowledge what did happen.”
“I think it’s going to be obviously just an emotional day for us, for the guys on both sides, because the Royals had to live through it as well,” said Jarrod Saltalamacchia. “But I think it’s going to be great to get back and come together. That’s the biggest thing we need to do is come together as a team, as  a city and as a nation.”