Red Sox preparing to lose DH for two games in Philly

Red Sox preparing to lose DH for two games in Philly
May 27, 2013, 5:15 pm
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BOSTON -- Beginning Wednesday in Philadelphia, the Red Sox will have to do without the designated hitter.
Fortunately for the Red Sox, there are just two games at Citizens Bank Ballaprk, and the Sox have no other games in N.L. ballparks until late August.
John Farrell has already figured out how to handle the brief dilemma.
"We plan to give each guy (David Ortiz and Mike Napoli) a day at first," said Farrell, "and a day off and be available to pinch hit. It's yet to be determined which day it will be, but we'll be able to use it to our advantage, I think, as far as a rest day for either guy."
Farrell labeled the situation "a pretty distinct disadvantage. Our team isn't built like a National League team. While we've used our bench in certain matchups, we certainly don't use it to the extent a National League team does. That's not to make an excuse; that's just to note that there are two different styles of play and teams are built to reflect that style."
Farrell was thankful that, due to changes in the league makeup and schedule, the Sox don't have to worry about a long run of consecutive games in N.L. parks as they did two years ago when they played nine straight interleague games on the road.
"From that standpoint," he said, "the schedule works in our favor."
In anticipation of the games in Philadelphia, Ortiz took some ground balls at first Monday. He had worked there some in spring training.
"I think the one thing that people may overlook," Farrell said, "is that (Ortiz) is a pretty darn good first baseman. We have no issue at all with putting him at first base."