Red Sox have a decision to make with Overbay

Red Sox have a decision to make with Overbay
March 25, 2013, 7:15 pm
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The Sox have several roster decisions looming in the next week before the start of the regular season.

The most immediate decision is what they will do with Lyle Overbay, who has an opt-out for Tuesday. Assuming Daniel Nava and Jackie Bradley are on the team, Overbay appears to be in the running for the final roster spot with Mike Carp and Ryan Sweeney, who has an opt-out for Thursday. All three are left-handed hitters.

“There’ll be a little more of that [conversations] today and tomorrow,” Farrell said. “We’re well aware of the dates both he and Ryan have looming. That’ll all be factored in.”

Overbay went 1-for-5 with a run scored and two strikeouts, playing the entire game at first base in Monday’s 12-9 loss to the Orioles. He is batting .220, going 9-for-41 in 19 games, with a .327 on-base percentage and .341 slugging percentage this spring.

“He’s done what we thought. He’s been as advertised with the way he’s performed over the last couple of years. He’s moved into that bench role and I think he’s pretty accurate with who he is as a player and what his strengths are. So there’s no surprises with him.”

Before the start of spring training, Farrell told Overbay, who has played strictly first base in his 10-season career, what would be expected of him.

“That was outlined with every player in camp,” Farrell said. “He expressed, ‘As you look back over my career I’m a notoriously slow starter in spring training.’ We understood that and acknowledged it. So his evaluation wasn’t going to be strictly on RBIs, batting average. We wanted to see hard contact. We wanted to see his swing path being reproduced, things that you look at with every guy. We have to take a number of things into consideration with him. And clearly the defensive side is a part of that.”