Red Sox following the U.S. in World Cup action

Red Sox following the U.S. in World Cup action
July 1, 2014, 4:45 pm
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BOSTON -- There's no shortage of national pride in the Red Sox clubhouse. The American flag pattern can be found everywhere from players' shorts to Jonny Gomes' tattooed flesh. 

With the United States playing in an elimination game in the World Cup, those shows of pride were ratcheted up even further.

"It's a lot of fun," said Brock Holt, who sported a Red, White and Blue winter hat. "It only happens once every four years so for the United States to be in an elimination game today, I think everyone in the country is pretty excited. I've got buddies back home on group text messages, you get on Twitter that's all you read about so it's a fun time to kind of come together as the United States of America and kind of root for one thing."

Holt explained that the team watched parts of the pool play games together in the clubhouse where occasionally someone will scream or a chair will get thrown. They aren't quite as passionate as those fans watching games at their local pub or at City Hall Plaza, but they're certainly following.

"I don't think we get as excited but it's definitely fun to watch, especially now that the games kind of actually matter," Holt said. "In the previous round, you could lose, you could draw and you could still move on. I think now it's going to be even more exciting."
The team's biggest fans? Holt guessed it was a couple of burly sluggers just a couple of lockers down from his. 
"Jonny Gomes," Holt said. "Anything America, Jonny Gomes is a fan of. Mike Napoli this is his hat, he had this hat on, he had an American tank top on, we've all got these American shorts. I think those two are probably the main ones."

Holt never played soccer himself. He doesn't know the rules. But he's on the bandwagon, and he's not afraid to admit it.  

"We're just kind of watching this thing, rooting for the Red White and Blue," he said.