Red Sox first half review: Total bleepfest


Red Sox first half review: Total bleepfest

How well were the Red Sox able to put last season's horrid September behind them? Not very.

Check out our half review video that chronicles the Sox's roller-coaster path to a .500 record in five turbulent minutes.

We start with the hiring of Bobby Valentine and then get right into spring training, which should force memories of contrition-free press conferences to come rushing back like the waters of a clogged toilet.

Then there's the great early-season awkwardness between Valentine, Kevin Youkilis and Dustin Pedroia. Remember "That's not how we handle our stuff around here"? Of course you do. And that's just the start.

We've got enough "bleep hole" and "horse bleep" moments to keep everyone's ears perked up between the more nauseating recaps of Red Sox injuries, meltdowns, blowups, injuries, roster moves and more injuries.

Given that there's a little masochist in all Red Sox fans, we think there's some sick and twisted part of you that will enjoy watching the video above. Have at it.