Red Sox ban beer in the clubhouse


Red Sox ban beer in the clubhouse

FORT MYERS, Fla. Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine had his first formal full-squad meeting Saturday morning. One of the edicts from the meeting: Valentine has banned beer in the clubhouse and the final leg of plane flights.

Its just what Ive always done except for when I was in Texas, I guess, Valentine said. Im comfortable with it that way.

Asked how the news was received, Valentine replied:

You mean like standing ovation or booing? I didnt get either of those. It was probably somewhere right in between a standing O and a standing boo I would say.

Valentine said he does not expect any difficulties with the new rule.

What would happen if they got traded to St. Louis?, he said. What, they refuse the trade? Or New York? Or one of the other 19 teams that have banned alcohol in the clubhouse, or however many there are today? I dont know but I doubt it. I dont know what kind of pushback you could get.

David Ortiz, the only player to address the team in the meeting, supported Valentine and the new policy.

"It don't matter, Ortiz said. We're not here to drink; we're here to play baseball. This ain't no bar. This is an organization, a place with a lot of athleticism and alcohol has nothing to do with that. We have alcohol in our houses. If you want to drink, you drink at home.''