Provision allows Sox rescheduling power

Provision allows Sox rescheduling power
May 1, 2014, 11:00 am
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BOSTON -- Red Sox manager John Farrell said there was plenty of dialogue between the Red Sox and Rays as to which date would be best to make up Wednesday's rainout. Based on some of the comments by Rays players' union representative Ben Zobrist, however, the Rays weren't all that pleased with playing the game Thursday at 1:05 as part of a day-night doubleheader.

Farrell said he hasn't spoken to Rays manager Joe Maddon directly about the rescheduling, and he alluded to a provision in the Collective Bargaining Agreement that allows both the Red Sox (as well as the Cubs) to do as they so choose when it comes to choosing make-up dates at their parks.

The reason the Red Sox didn't choose to make up the game on a mutual off-day for the Rays and Sox in late September is simply because of the inherent uncertainty of what the weather may bring during other series down the road.

"One thing that we can't predict is what the future holds," Farrell said. "You set this date for an off-day or a mutual off-day late in September? We have a number of teams that come in here one time, and it's somewhat of an off-day around the games so it provides some flexibility if weather hits us for a National League team that comes in here only once. You take that away and now all of a sudden we're looking at the potential of adding games at the end of the year if we get into a rainout situation.

"Again you're trying to factor in as many things as possible and flexibility in the schedule is one of them."

Farrell said that he is not ruling out any of his players for tonight's second game.

"With yesterday being off, we're hopeful and anticipate everyone being able to go two days or two games today if deemed the right lineup to put together," Farrell said. "We'll check in with everyone after Game One."

Will Middlebrooks and Shane Victorino, who have recently been activated from the disabled list, are not operating under any playing-time restrictions, according to Farrell.

"They're at the point where they're full go," he said. "They, like anybody else on our roster, if there needs to be a day given because of something that's cropped up, we'll adjust. But they're in the clear at this point."

The Red Sox will be allowed to add a 26th player to their roster before the late game on Thursday, but Farrell did not reveal who the team planned to bring up. On Wednesday night he alluded to the fact that it would likely be a pitcher, but he wouldn't confirm anything in his media session on Thursday morning.