Price lashes out on Twitter

Price lashes out on Twitter
October 6, 2013, 10:15 pm
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David Price has added to the newly formed Red Sox – Rays rivalry.

After David Ortiz hit his second homerun off of Price in the eighth inning of game two of the America League Division Series, Price took exception to Ortiz standing in the batter’s box as Ortiz watched the ball land in the stands.

Price lashed out on Twitter after the game, showing his frustration with everything that had occurred in the game.

Michael Holley, Lou Merloni, and Bob Ryan sat down on Sports Sunday to discuss Price’s antics after game two.

“What disappointed me, was first I thought he was up for the challenge,” Merloni said. “I love David Price as a pitcher. I thought he would relish it. I thought he would take that noise and you would get his best. You didn’t get his best. And the way he reacted showed me something about him that you see a lot through a player in adversity.”

Ryan said that he even though Price was frustrated, Twitter wasn’t the best outlet to express his feelings.

“Emotions, heat of the moment, Twitter is a match and a gas tank,” Ryan said. “Colleges have gone after Twitter, but professional teams can’t do much about their athletes. It’s a time bomb.”