Pedroia takes a stand


Pedroia takes a stand

I just got through reading Dustin Pedroia's conversation with Rob Bradford, and I came away pretty impressed. (If you haven't read it yet, catch the highlights over here.)

Most of all, I just think that Pedroia's really honest here. Remember when everything came out at the end of last year and essentially every player in that clubhouse skirted around discussing what really happened? When whether it was a matter of saving his own face, or not ratting out a teammate it was like pulling teeth to get anyone to admit that there was even a problem?

Right, well in this interview, there's none of that. Without hesitation, Pedroia addressed every issue. And while in some ways, it sounds like he's making excuses, I don't think that's the case. He admits that he shouldn't have called out Bobby V or taken that (what I'm sure was a hilarious) photo when his manager was passed out. He admits that he should have found a way to make it to Johnny Pesky's funeral. But in doing so, he's just trying to explain his thought process, however wrong it may have been. He's just being open and honest. He's being accountable. What more can we possibly ask for?

Personally, it would have been nice if he spoke out on the whole "That's not how we do things around here" issue a little sooner. It might have gone a long way had he taken this stand "It came out wrong. I messed that up. No question about it. Obviously I don't want to call out our manager by any means. I've never been put in that situation before and I didn't know how to respond. I regret that all that happened." immediately after incident took place.

But hey, there's nothing we can do now. And it's not like Pedroia was the only one screwing up. There's barely a guy in that clubhouse who hasn't made a big mistake or two over the last year.

It's just nice that some of them are finally ready to own up, so everyone else can move on.

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Red Sox’ quotes, notes and stars from 2-1 loss to Rays

Red Sox’ quotes, notes and stars from 2-1 loss to Rays

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Notes, quotes and stars from the Red Sox' 2-1 loss to the Rays:


* "There's not much I can do about it now. It's kind of a waiting game and hopefully, the tests come back clean.'' -Andrew Benintendi, on the uncertainty surrounding his knee injury.

* "Sometimes, I like that, sometimes I don't because I'd kind of take a couple of quick outs in place of those to get a couple of more innings out there.'' -Drew Pomeranz on his career high 11 strikeouts.

* "That's probably the spot that looms the largest. Jackie's become more aggressive early in the count, but at the same time, that aggressiveness can work against you.'' -Farrell on Jackie Bradley Jr. swinging at the first pitch following a walk with the bases loaded.


* Drew Pomeranz recorded a career-high 11 strikeouts

 * Since moving to the leadoff spot, Dustin Pedroia has a slash line of .397/.418/.460 in 16 games.

* Pomeranz has yielded two runs or fewer in five consecutive starts.

* On the just-completed road trip, the Red Sox led in all but one game.

* Thursday's loss was the fourth this season in which the Sox allowed two runs or fewer.

 * The past 18 Red Sox losses have come by a combined 37 runs.

* Until Thursday, the Red Sox had won 20 of their past 31 day games.

* The bottom third of the makeshift Red Sox lineup combined to go 2-for-12.

* The Sox missed out on a chance to have an eight-win road trip, which would have been their first since 2011.


1) Jake Odorizzi

The Rays started, facing a depleted Red Sox lineup, limited the Sox to a single run over seven innings, allowing just five hits and getting out of a bases-loaded, no-out jam by allowing just one run.

2) Mikie Mahtook

Mahtook was 0-for-34 when facing Drew Pomeranz in the seventh inning, but that didn't stop him from doubling home Steven Souza Jr with what proved to be the winning run.

3) Dustin Pedroia

The Sox couldn't generate much of anything at all offensively, but don't blame Pedroia. The leadoff hitter had three hits and a walk and was on base four times for the Sox.