Pedroia provides hope for the future

Pedroia provides hope for the future
October 3, 2012, 3:59 am
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The Sox lost again on Tuesday night, and did so in the most Red Soxiest way possible.

By blowing a two-run lead in the ninth, fighting and scrapping for another hour and a half, and then falling on a walk off single in the 12th. (All that was missing was Tim Wakefield, Aaron Boone and my childhood innocence.)

Anyway, even with the frustrating defeat, don't expect this Dustin Pedroia story to fall through the cracks. Pedroia's decision to play last night despite a broken finger is one of the most uplifting Sox storylines in a while. It may be the highlight of the second half of the season.

And while I hate to take something positive and immediately take a negative turn, let me just say this one thing.

Pedroia's act of toughness, and the overwhelming supports its received in the media and with the fans, is another reason why it's so important for the Sox to get rid of John Lackey this winter. It's evidence that the Sox can get through this. That fans are ready and willing to give these guys (or some of them) a chance to win back their respect, and maybe, just maybe turn the page on these last two seasons.

But that won't happen with Lackey. The relationship is too strained; too much damage has been done. Regardless of how he performs (and there's no reason to believe it will go well), his presence is nothing but a reminder of a time were all so desperate to forget, and put a damper on all the good will being fostered by guys like Pedroia.

Honestly, I don't care what they get in return. Trade Lackey for a bag of Adrian Gonzalezs goatee shavings if the Dodgers will take him. All that matters is that he's gone; out of sight out of mind, while giving Pedey and friends a chance to shine.

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