Pedroia: Ortiz should get 'whatever he wants'

Pedroia: Ortiz should get 'whatever he wants'
January 28, 2014, 5:00 pm
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Dustin Pedroia thinks David Ortiz is worth "whatever he wants" in terms of a contract extension.

Pedroia spoke to WEEI on Tuesday, saying he has no problem with Ortiz discussing his thoughts on his current deal.

“Everyone doubts David,” Pedroia said. “Everyone thinks, ‘€˜Oh, this is going to be the year that he doesn’t hit 30 home runs and drives in 100. This is going to be it. He’€™s getting older.’€™ The only one who knows when that’€™s going to happen is David, and just by the way he’€™s talking, the way he’€™s working, just his mindset, everything — it’€™s not going to stop.

“I love the fact that he always has that chip on his shoulder that he has to prove people wrong. I love that about him. I love David to death. … In my opinion, whatever he wants — for God’€™s sake, he hit .900 in the World Series, you know what I mean? He’€™s one of the guys that when we walk into spring training, you don’€™t even have to worry about what he’€™s going to do during the year. You know it’€™s already done. All you have to do is press play.”