Pedroia to Bigfoot hunters: 'Stop going at night'

Pedroia to Bigfoot hunters: 'Stop going at night'
February 18, 2014, 1:00 am
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Dustin Pedroia by all accounts is quite the character. Whether in the clubhouse or out and about, you can bet he'll have something to say about something. Anything.

And he's said plenty about Bigfoot or sasquatches in general, mostly about how they're definitely out there.

But while Pedroia does believe in Bigfoot, he doesn't expect to personally catch him. Asked if he could, Pedroia said no.

"I was in Phoenix and last Tuesday the guy that supposedly shot or killed one was in town," Pedroia said, "but he might have stopped at a gas station or something, I didn't see him."

And while he doesn't think he'll catch one, he doesn't exactly think the sasquatch hunters on "Finding Bigfoot" will have any luck either.

Pedroia makes a pretty good point. . .

"They're not going to find him on the show," Pedroia said. "That's the problem I have with the show: why are they always going to look at night? It's OK to go during the day. You might run into something. Stop going at night, guys. Clean it up."

Mind. Blown. Why didn't THEY think of that?!

Is it really a fact that these squatches only come out at night? It's not like the team has had any luck catching any of them at night.

Pedroia then goes on to talk about Jay-Z the agent, who's catching heat from him in place of Jose Iglesias this season, what he'll tell the younger 2nd basemen in the Sox organization, and what Winter Olympic sport he'd choose.

It's all pretty much must-see video, as it usually is when Pedroia is involved.