Pedro: Red Sox can turn it around in 2013

Pedro: Red Sox can turn it around in 2013
September 24, 2012, 12:45 am
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BOSTON -- PedroMartinez saw a lot during his 18-year career, the good and the bad. It pains him to see what this edition of theRed Sox have endured. But, this kind ofa season is not completely out of his experience. And, its not something theSox cant bounce back from next year, the three-time Cy Young Award winner saidSunday afternoon.

Im not that far apart from also having teams that went completelybad, especially after the second half, he said. Im very familiar with it.There are things that could be achieved. Some of the things that they have todo, they need to change a few things. Like when things go wrong you have toreally look for the things that went wrong and teach them.

But the team has the tools to actually come back next year. I was on a lot of teams, we had a lotof sore and painful defeats. But it all showed up the next year and we gotbetter and better and betters."

With a few improvements, the Red Sox could start anew in 2013, Martinez said.

So this team all they have to do is fix their character. Comeback next year and think about everythingthats possible, and start nice and fresh.And hopefully management will make the adjustments that they need tomake, work on the character of the teama little bit more and I think the talent is basically there. So they need toactually work all together toward the same side and focus on it. And I think itsachievable.