Peavy's Duck Boat makes way to Alabama

Peavy's Duck Boat makes way to Alabama
November 14, 2013, 4:00 pm
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It's a duck! It's a boat! It's Jake Peavy's Duck Boat!

No, seriously - that's Jake Peavy's Duck Boat.

Peavy enjoyed the Red Sox' championship Duck Boat parade so much, he decided to straight up buy the boat later that day for $75,000.

Talk about a steal.

Peavy hails from Alabama, and the plan is to bring it back there to share with friends and family. If you know anything about the Duck Boats - vehicles originally designed for the military that can travel on land and in water - you know it can't get to Alabama all on it's own.

So on Thursday, Peavy's Duck Boat began its trip to Bama on the back of a massive tow truck.

If you happen to drive by it on the highway, make sure you give it a few quacks for old time's sake.