Peavy, Sox pitchers 'monitoring' workload

Peavy, Sox pitchers 'monitoring' workload
February 15, 2014, 1:00 pm
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FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Winning a World Series is nice, but it comes with its own set of challenges, especially for pitchers.
The Red Sox finished their season on Oct. 30, a full month after the end of the regular season, and that required extra effort and work on the part of the pitchers in particular.
This spring, said Jake Peavy, the Red Sox will need to make some adjustments because of last fall's workload.
"Anytime you play an extra month," said Peavy, "you have a month less to unwind and then rebuild and start the process all over again. You have to re-evaluate your program. I think a lot of guys did. The Red Sox did an outstanding job monitoring where guys are and I think you'll see that in camp, with guys who pitched almost into November, you'll have a chance here to not maybe push it as hard.
"In talking to guys who have done this, to get some (insight), the second half of the season can really be a grind. After you've played (this late into the season), and (the intensity of those games)...they're so hard-fought and it takes so much out of you, when your body doesn't have a whole lot left.
"It's something I've tried to monitor and I think the other guys -- Lack (John Lackey) and Les (Jon Lester) -- we've talked about that and we're ready to monitor it here in spring training."
For now, the Red Sox have more established starters (six) than they have spots available in the rotation (five), but Peavy doesn't see that as an issue.
"I've always thought you have to pitch well to earn your spot," said Peavy, "no matter what you've done in the past. Spring training is tough when you have veteran guys, because you want to work on stuff and make sure you're ready to pitch whenever the season starts.
"I love the fact that we have a ton of experience and a ton of depth in a lot of ways. I think we have one of the best staffs in baseball, and we can pitch with anybody."
As proud as they are about winning the World Series, Peavy said the Sox are ready to move on.
"It's a new year," said Peavy. "That's been a slogan of ours in the text messages that we've been exchanging with the guys. 'Hey, let's turn the page, it's a new year, it's 2014. We haven't done anything.'"