Ortiz 'not hurting' but gets night off

Ortiz 'not hurting' but gets night off
April 23, 2013, 4:30 pm
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BOSTON -- For the second time in the five games since he was activated from the disabled list, DH David Ortiz was out of the lineup Tuesday night. But manager John Farrell insists it wasn't cause for alarm.
"[He's] not hurting," said Farrell. "[It was a] scheduled down day, in combination with the (cold and rainy) weather conditions. This was kind of a logical day in his availability, to give him a blow."
Farrell said the Sox are still trying to determine what's best for Ortiz and how often he can play.
"I think the one thing we don't want to do," said Farrell, "is pin ourselves into an exact number of games played and then a scheduled down day. There's some flexibility to that. Certainly, how David's feeling and his guide in this and his involvement will go a long way in [determining] this. I think we've got to build in an occasional day off for him."
Ortiz seemed to be running gingerly as he legged out a double to left in the second inning. Ortiz also appeared unwilling to slide though a close play was anticipated at second.
"I think he slid the day before," pointed out Farrell, "and then tagged up on the fly ball deep to right field. I think he had a pretty good read, even though it was close, on the direction of the throw and being able to [reach the bag] on time. There's no hesitation on his part."
Farrell anticipates that with more playing time and warmer weather, Ortiz will feel stronger.
"I would think so," he said. "With every phase of this that he's gone through, there's been increased intensity. And along with that, a little more of an aggressive approach that might lead to more sliding on his part. We're not expecting him to steal bases. He can certainly jog around the bases (after a homer) as many times as he wants. But he's in a good place."
Though Farrell didn't say so, Ortiz's history against Oakland starter Bartolo Colon -- 6-for-46, .136 -- may have played a role in the decision to sit him Tuesday night.