Ortiz looking at alternative options in hopes of earlier return

Ortiz looking at alternative options in hopes of earlier return
August 5, 2012, 11:25 pm
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BOSTON After Sundays win over the Twins at Fenway Park, David Ortiz, who has been on the disabled list since July 17 with a strained right Achilles tendon, said he is considering a new course of action.

He is considering an injection into the area near the injury. Not cortisone, he said, but a pain killer. He said he plans to talk to the Red Sox medical staff about it to get more information.

I dont know. I got to get more information. The doctor will give me some idea because Im still very sore, he said. So I got to talk to him a little more to see whats up.

Ortiz said he has some concerns about the injury, the treatment, and what an injection would mean.

Of course, he said. I havent played in the past three weeks. And I still got pain. Not worried about getting worse because I know Im getting better but just the pain wont go away. I dont know if that is part of the healing process. I dont know. But its some days that I feel better now and I think the next day is going to be even better and the next day I just come back and continue being sore. So well see. After I work out and do things I get really sore too.

They been talking about this thing that is like anesthesia that, cant remember the name, but its something that a lot of people get. Its like when you go to the dentist, theyre trying to numb something. But that would be around the tendon, just see if they can get some room in the tendon to get rid of all the inflammation or whatever. That stuff is too deep for me. But it sounds something like that, yeah. Ill probably think about it before. Im going to get some information about that because I dont like needles. And just to get down there. But once I find out, Ill let you guys know something.

Ortiz did not do an extensive workout on Sunday, as manager Bobby Valentine had speculated before the game. He got treatment on his injury instead.

I did just a few things but it wasnt a workout, Ortiz said. It was just treatment.