Ortiz hopes Sox can 'make it happen' Wednesday

Ortiz hopes Sox can 'make it happen' Wednesday
October 29, 2013, 9:00 pm
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BOSTON – After the Red Sox workout at a chilly Fenway Park Tuesday evening, David Ortiz was asked about the prospects of being part of the first team to clinch a World Series at Fenway Park since 1918.
“You calling me old?,” Ortiz asked. “I don’t know what happened in 1918, but tomorrow we’re going to try to make it happen.
“[The fans] will enjoy this and hopefully it gets over tomorrow and they get to enjoy it and party time.”
The Red Sox are proud of what they have accomplished this season, and the distraction they have provided for the area after the terrorist bombings at the Marathon on April 15.
“We are proud of what we have done and especially early this year,” Ortiz said. “The fans of The Nation over what’s happened with the bombing and the families and family members who suffered from that and hopefully this will help them get through it.”
Ortiz has an eye-popping 2.017 OPS in five World Series games so far. Batting .733, going 11-for-15, he has one-third of the team’s hits, with two home runs, six RBI, four walks, and now strikeouts.
“I’m not the only one hitting,” he said. “I have one RBI [in Game 5] and we won 3-1 last night. We have a lot of guys coming through and that’s all that matters. I’ve been hitting well but it’s not like, ‘Here, Papi, hit it.' They’ve been pitching me careful but I’ve been able to put a good swing on the ball and come through. We have plenty of hitters capable of doing some damage and come through.”
Ortiz started three consecutive games at first base in St. Louis, after starting just six there in the regular season, the last Sept. 25 at Colorado. He will now resume his customary spot in the lineup as the designated hitter with Mike Napoli returning to first base.
“[Napoli] hasn’t played the past three days consistently but he can come in and hopefully he’ll do the job tomorrow,” Ortiz said. “ I got some (first base) tips from him. Papi don’t panic.”
With the kinds of numbers he’s been putting up lately, no need to.