Ortiz frustrated by being shut down with heel inflammation

Ortiz frustrated by being shut down with heel inflammation
March 11, 2013, 1:15 pm
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(USA Today Sports)

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- David Ortiz Monday expressed frustration that he's being shut down for the next five to seven days because of lingering heel issues, but said he's relieved the issue is not centered around his original Achilles' tendon injury from last July.
Ortiz underwent an MRI on both heels Friday and Sunday, the results of which showed inflammation in both heels.
"I knew it was something that wasn't normal," said Ortiz. "I was getting pain four or five hours after I was finished with my workout. I knew something wasn't right. We had the communication between me and the doctors and trainers and they agreed to get an MRI just to see what was going on.
"It's not anything crazy, thank God. But it's going to take a couple of weeks to get fixed. I knew it wasn't the Achilles. We had an MRI in December and my Achilles was pretty good. We have an MRI right now and my Achilles isn't the issue. It's the inflammation right behind it and I'm going to work on that now.
"I'm going to be back as soon as I'm good to go," said Ortiz. "Right now, I'm going to try to work on getting the inflammation out of there and it's going to take a little bit of time."
Ortiz has been placed on anti-inflammatory medication and won't be allowed any baseball activity for the next five-to-seven days.
"It's not a good feeling," said Ortiz of the shutdown. "I've been working really hard this off-season, just to make sure I'm good to go for the season and this is happening. It's not me being me. It is what it is. Things happen for a reason, right?
"The one thing we're really working on is, when I'm back, I'm back. It's not just coming back for a couple of weeks and then going back into the same thing. They're trying to fix the whole thing. That way, when I get back to the lineup, I'm going to be there for the season."
Ortiz conceded that he's somewhat puzzled why the issue is lingering some eight months after the injury originally took place.
"We're humans," he said. "Nobody wants to be injured. Me, I was going 120 percent this off-season, working with this injury. The good news is that it had nothing to do with my Achilles like it used to be. That made me happy at least, knowing that my Achilles is doing fine. It's a process that, when you're going at it, you pretty much use everything. It's not like you can get picky with the things you want to do. So not formally doing things for six or seven months, it's like starting over and things like that happens."
The Red Sox' regular season opener, set for April 1 in New York, is three weeks from Monday and it's now highly doubtful Oritz will be ready by then.
"Opening Day was my goal," he said. "You guys heard me talking about it when I first got here. I was feeling good. I was pushing things the way I was being told. But right now, it seems like Opening Day is not the case. The case is, get me healthy for five or five and a half good months. That's what we're looking for now.
"Everybody wants to be there for Opening Day, but it is what it is."
Trainers and doctors have told Ortiz that the inflammation in the heel is likely the result of him adjusting his running style because of the original injury.
"I was compensating," he said. "That was one thing. The other thing is the time without running and doing all the activities. I was compensating and that's why I was getting some inflammation on the other side (of the heel)."
Ortiz believes the Red Sox can weather his absence in the short-term.
"We have a good team," he said. "We have good players. I've been talking to a lot of them and the one thing that I keep on telling them is "just try to do what you do best. Don't try to do more than that. You're going to bump into some tough times. Just learn how to deal with it and everything's going to be taken care of."