Ortiz' comeback remains on schedule

Ortiz' comeback remains on schedule
February 22, 2013, 2:30 pm
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David Ortiz has reason to smile these days: His comeback is progressing as scheduled.

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FORT MYERS, Fla. – David Ortiz did some running and agility work Friday morning, the latest progression in his rehab from a right Achilles strain suffered while rounding the bases on an Adrian Gonzalez home run last July 16.
“I’ve been doing a lot of stuff like that,” Ortiz said of his work on Friday, which included running straight ahead with no turns. “They just make it different. They want me to do different things, depending on how it feels the following day . . . just to increase power and velocity and other stuff.”
He has not yet tried running the bases.
“I don’t know [when I'll run the bases] but I think that would be the easy part, I would say,” Ortiz said. “They just want to get you prepared for all the pounding when you step on the base. When you go through all those drills, you get to pound the bases because we do a lot of twisting, a lot of turning, a lot of stepping hard, on the one foot, back here. So pretty sure that once the time comes to run the bases, it’s because I’m good.”
His progress remains on schedule.
“Yeah, and per the protocol he had a planned down day the other day, just as a day to get over some general soreness,” said manager John Farrell. “But that’s part of the increased intensity.”
Ortiz is not sure when he will be in a game, but is hopeful it could be next weekend.
“I would like to be in the game tomorrow, no question,” he said. “But we’re just being smart, not trying to rush. But [Opening Day is] another six weeks [away] still, and they want to make sure that when I’m in, there’s no setback.
“Hopefully [next weekend]. You guys see me, we’re doing things every day, but when they feel that I’m good to go.”
Since he began the rehab this offseason, Ortiz said he has had no setbacks. There has been some soreness, but the good kind.
“It happens, but it’s not the bad sore,” he said. “It’s the good sore, the good sore from workouts. It’s not the sore that I was feeling last year. You work out normally your muscles get sore and you go from that.”
Farrell has said that Ortiz could get into games with just two weeks remaining in spring training and be ready for Opening Day.  Ortiz is not certain how long it would take him to get ready.
“Basically it’s all about timing,” Ortiz said. “So the more you play, especially a guy like myself, who hasn’t played in a while, it’s better.”
Ortiz is confident when he does return his Achilles will be 100 percent, with no danger or susceptibility to suffering the same injury.
“Well, that’s why you do things to get to that point,” he said. “Every injury, it doesn’t matter what it is, it doesn’t matter what kind, you got to go through a program, through a deal. That place where you got injured, treatment, things like that and you’ll be good to go. The last MRI we had about my Achilles, my Achilles was normal, just like the other one. So I just have a little bit of calcification down there which is going way, seems like it. So, hopefully, it’s not injured later on.”