Ortiz and Sox, ready to talk

Ortiz and Sox, ready to talk
October 9, 2012, 9:44 pm
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As CSNNE pointed out earlier, by way of ESPN Boston, the Red Sox and David Ortiz have had some very informal contract discussions since the season ended, and plan on taking the negotiations up a notch at "some point next week."

However, through a variety of sources, Standing Room Only has obtained a transcript from one of those preliminary conversations:

Ortiz: Hey, Ben. Hope your off season's good, man. Listen, how about about a three-year deal for your old friend Papi?

Cherington: I'm sorry, David. We're just not in a position to make that kind of commitment.

Ortiz: Oh come on. It's me, Papi! Just gimme two years. What do you say?

Cherington: Umm . . . no.

Ortiz: Benny, man. You drive a hard bargain. I can tell we're making progress, though.

Cherington: Really? Does that mean you'll consider taking the one-year deal?

Ortiz: Ahh, you're funny, man. Too funny. I'll talk to you next week, man. We'll get this done.

Stay tuned as more information comes to light.

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