Ordway: 'Had to be patient with Middlebrooks'

Ordway: 'Had to be patient with Middlebrooks'
September 7, 2013, 6:15 pm
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The Red Sox as a team have been locked on at the plate lately, but Will Middlebrooks especially has looked good.

Middlebrooks, who was batting just .192 when he was demoted, has hit .350 in 24 games leading up to Saturday's game in New York since he was called back up.

"I think he's a guy you had to be patient with because he's a pure power hitter and it's very difficult to get those type of guys," Glenn Ordway said on The Baseball Show. "You have to recognize that David Ortiz isn't going to be here forever, you're going to need somebody in the lineup. But look at the home runs he's hit this last week, those are tape measure shots, those aren't barely making it out like Napoli hit [Friday] night to right field. These are tape measure shots. Those guys are hard to find."

Bob Neumeier wants to give credit to PawSox manager Gary Disarcina who seemed to have gotten Middlebrooks' head back on straight after the third baseman looked a little lost up in the Majors. Middlebrooks was in the worst slump of his career when he went down to Pawtucket, and since his return he's looked much more comfortable at the plate - and the power has returned.

Lou Merloni says that going back down to Triple-A allowed Middlebrooks to re-focus on what made him successful in the beginning of his career.

Whatever the reason, Middlebrooks looks good out there.