One last shot for Sox

One last shot for Sox
August 21, 2012, 9:46 pm
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First things first: No one's counting on the Red Sox to make the playoffs this season.

Second things second: We still can't count them out.

Obviously, that last fact is based almost purely on math and a level of literal thinking that borders on the annoying. The same people who say, "Well, the Sox still technically have a chance to make the playoffs" are the same ones who make the "Oh man, feels like I haven't see you in a year!" joke when you bump into them on January 2 and refer to tomorrow as today after midnight. It's a total buzzkill.

Still, they're right. As negative as we want to be right now, the truth is that the Sox do still have a chance to make something of this season. Then again, even the most literal andor optimistic Sox fan will have trouble keeping it together if Boston can't get it going over these next seven days.

Starting tonight, the Sox begin seven-game homestand against the struggling Angels and the still-underachieving Royals. It's the longest homestand that Boston has left on the season, and (considering the current state of Mike Scoscia's boys) it comes against a level of competition that's . . . well, most similar to the Sox level of talent. It's very likely their last chance to build some rhythm and find something to rally around down the stretch.

Can they go 6-1? Not likely, but the Angels are 5-13 in their last 18 games. The Royals are the Royals and already looking to next year and I'm going to stop before I start sounding too much like one of the people I was making fun of at the start of this post. Let's just start by seeing how they do tonight. (Or if the game ends after midnight, tomorrow).

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