Olney: Oswalt's 'a stubborn Gus'

Olney: Oswalt's 'a stubborn Gus'
February 14, 2012, 9:00 pm
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A few days ago, one ESPN reporter said he could see a way in which Roy Oswalt found his way to Boston.

On Tuesday, another said he basically couldn't.

Buster Olney, appearing on ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones, said the only way Oswalt will join the Red Sox "would be if they step up and offer him 15 million". Since their offer right now is in the 5 million-6 million range, that appears highly unlikely.

Olney said Oswalt is a "homebody" who wants to play close to his Mississippi home . . . hence his interest in the Cardinals and Rangers. Coming to Boston, to the American League East, isn't very appealing.

And Olney added: "I've gotten to know Roy and he's a stubborn Gus . . . Even if the Red Sox have the highest offer on the table, I think Roy is going to pitch where he wants to pitch, and that's either in Dallas with the Rangers or it's with the Cardinals."

So much for that, then.