Notes: Sizemore looks good early on in camp

Notes: Sizemore looks good early on in camp
February 18, 2014, 12:00 am
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FORT MYERS, Fla. -- It's early, and there's plenty more to determine about his availability and physical well-being, but early on, the Red Sox are liking what they see with outfielder Grady Sizemore.

Sizemore, once one of the game's best players, has been hampered by a litany of injuries that forced him to play sparingly in 2010 and 2011, then not at all in 2012 and 2013.

"The biggest thing at this point is his work in the morning in the training room has been consistent," said manager John Farrell. "Granted, we're not into the 'heavy lifting' part of spring training yet, but physically, he's responding well and going through the normal reps with everybody else right now."

Farrell spent six seasons with Sizemore in Cleveland when Farrell was the Indians' farm director and knows him well.

"Anytime a player has the game taken away from him for a couple of years because of injury," Farrell said, "not only do they appreciate the game more, but I know just talking to him, he's eager to get back on the field. We've still got a lot of information to gather on Grady as we go through spring training."

Sizemore has had nine surgeries throughout the years, on everything from his neck to his shoulder to his back, but for now, it's his knees which the Sox are monitoring most closely.
"That's probably where the majority of his maintenance work is going into right now," said Farrell. "But our medical staff feels confident that they'll be able to keep him on the field. He feels great right now. But overall, we'll just see how his tolerance holds up. It's been two years, so we've got some levels to go through right now."    


Jake Peavy is being held back until he gets his right ring finger examined by a specialist.

Peavy was hit on the right hand by a ball last Friday, and the Red Sox flew in a hand specialist to see him, but the doctor was delayed by weather issues.

"We'll get a better ready read then," said Farrell. "Everything points to him being seen (Monday night). He feels improved, but we've got a little bit of time right now and we want to make sure everything checks out fine. We don't anticipate anything long-term here."


As Farrell begins his second year as manager of the Red Sox, he's more comfortable in the role, and, he hopes, so, too are the players with him.
"I think our players know the format of spring training," he said. "Second year through, there's a lot more familiarity -- whether it's with staff or whether it's with returning players. That can be said in return. They're familiar with what we expect and how we go about our work. I think if anything, maybe the newness is replaced with familiarity."